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Inspired by the beautiful Protea flower, which comes in an array of breath-taking colours, our range of timber flooring offers a dynamic choice of colours, shapes and sizes.  Our passion for interiors, gained through 20 years’ experience working with top designers in the flooring industry, means we bring far more than a floor covering. Protea Flooring can create a bespoke colour to fit in with your project design and theme. Working with our in-house colourist, we’ll help you find the ideal match for your space and setting. Protea Flooring will transform your space and make you fall in love with your home all over again!

There is no deeper and older debt than the one that man owes to the trees and their wood. 

Every piece of wood should be appreciated for its beauty.

Protea Flooring

Caring for your
wood floors

Before putting furniture on hardwood floors, attach adequate floor protection (felt pads) to the feet of all furniture to reduce scratches and dents. When moving heavy furniture, place a clean blanket face down, under each leg; slide furniture carefully. Ideally it is best to lift – carry and place.

Never use wax or oil-based detergents. They will dull or damage finish, leaving greasy spots and making the floor difficult to clean.

Frequently sweep, dust mop or vacuum floors to prevent dirt and dust from scratching the finish. Use only brush or felt type vacuum head. Be certain the wheels of the vacuum do not damage the finish and that the vacuum brush is in good repair.

Do not leave the sun shining all day on your floors as this will dry out the wood and cause shrinkage gaps, make sure that your windows are up filtered or fit UV filtered curtains or if you are not in the room close the curtains. This direct sunlight can also cause the floor to fade where the sun hits it.


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