IRO Decking

Energise your environment with the vibrant, versatile range of IRO Timber.

Each and every piece of IRO cladding and decking is intricately crafted using the traditional Japanese method of Yakisugi.

Combining a passion for detail with progressive timber technology, IRO has created a revolutionary product to easily transform your space.

The IRO Timber 2021 range

The core range:

The extended range:

Colours shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to natural product conditioning.

Internal Cladding External Cladding External Decking
Imported Redwood
Homegrown Larch
Imported Redwood
Square Edge
Square Edge
Eased Edge
Nominal Size (mm)
25 x 150
25 x 150
32 x 150
Finished Size (mm)
21 x 145
22 x 145
28 x 145
Lengths (mm)
Pack Size
Kiln Dried

The colourful cladding and dynamic decking bring any environment to life.

Are you looking to design an outdoor haven, a bold backdrop for entertaining or cosy communal area? Whatever you’re creating, IRO has a colour for it.


IRO timber is available in 10 dynamic colours to awaken your senses and bring spaces to life. From rich and rustic interiors to refined outdoor retreats, IRO provides endless possibilities for striking surroundings. From cladding to decking, IRO timber is diverse. Not constrained to convention, IRO can be used in innovative, imaginative ways to enrich both internal and outdoor spaces.


Whether you’re looking to redefine your residential space or transform a communal setting – welcome to the wonderful world of IRO. Discover what you could create..

Sustainably-sourced, organic timber connects you with the natural world.

Not only is the IRO range of cladding and decking available in 10 captivating colours, but it’s also 100% eco-friendly and HVOC-free. So, you can relax in the knowledge that IRO is committed to being as beneficial to the environment as it is to your living spaces.


And thanks to its low embodied energy, IRO even contributes to the creation of greener environments. With their extensive background in the forestry business, they know there are inherent qualities that only real, natural timber can provide. That’s why IRO use only sustainable and environmentally conscious timber to create healthier, happier spaces.

It’s easy to keep your IRO cladding and decking looking its best.

Because IRO timber is heat-enhanced and coated in water-repellent, UV-stable wood cream, your surfaces stay naturally beautiful for longer. And, with its advanced self-cleaning properties – IRO is also satisfyingly low-maintenance.


The IRO water-based, HVOC-free touch-up cream is available in all 10 corresponding colours to keep your timber looking as vibrant as the day it was installed.

Creating an innovative product for a range of creative possibilities.

In 2020, IRO was awarded the top spot in the Innovation category at the Wood Protection Association (WPA) annual awards ceremony. Since IRO’s launch, they’ve explored how to redefine the way natural timber can be used in modern spaces and make a versatile product that’s perfect for a range of creative possibilities – from decking to internal and external wall cladding. They believe in making a beautiful product that appeals to both design-focused customers and businesses who want to stand out from the crowd.


This award celebrates IRO’s combination of originality, technical performance and striking aesthetics. They’re passionate about continually investing in their people and processes to make a product capable of creating truly memorable surroundings.

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